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4 Best Tools to Root Android Phone with or without a computer

Best Apps and software to Root Android Phone

Despite the fact that the Android operating system is much more open than most competitors such as iOS, it still has its own restrictions. The normal user will not be allowed to interfere unceremoniously with the operation of system programs, delete important files or make potentially dangerous settings.

However, all these features become available if the owner gets the superuser permissions which called root. In this article, we’ll teach what are the Best Apps and software to Root Android Phone.

Best Tools to Root Android Phone


What is Root?

Rooting the device means obtaining superuser rights, which roughly corresponds to a similar concept from the Linux world. Thanks to this you will be able to perform almost any action, including potentially dangerous ones. In other words, it is getting full control over your device.

Why is this necessary?

Among the advantages are the following:

  • Gain access and the ability to change system files and applications.
  • The ability to install many applications that require root for their work.
  • Installation of third-party firmware and mods.
  • Removal of pre-installed apps and other debris.
  • The activation of many additional Android features.
  • Increase productivity and autonomy with the help of special programs and tweaks.

5  Things you Need before Start Android Rooting Process

What are the disadvantages and dangers of obtaining superuser rights?

The internet is ghost enough and some of them are grounded. So, among the root failures, the following are seen:
  • This denies you a guarantee (in fact, all the features of this operation can be resolved).
  • You will not be able to receive updates over the air from the manufacturer.
  • In some cases, the process of obtaining superuser rights is likely to incapacitate your device (but the gadget can be reactivated most often).

The Best Tools for getting Root Privileges

1- Kingo Root

Kingo Root – perhaps the most convenient of the tools for obtaining root-rights on the mobile device. There is both a mobile and desktop version of the application. After installation, Kingo Root will download the necessary files and activates root with less than 5 minutes, without requiring the user to have technical skills.

2- FramaRoot

FramaRoot – a free root access tool on Android with one single click. comes with  universal root-manager and supports most of android devices. The tool allows you to manage root rights, applications and permissions. In this case, the kit includes a special rut-browser, which allows you to navigate through the root file system of Android. Obtaining root rights to Android using FramaRoot is very convenient, so we recommend this tool among others.

3- SuperSU

SuperSU is a utility for controlling access to root. Using SuperSU, you can flexibly assign superuser rights. The tool must be installed on the phone in conjunction with the root-manager.

4- ROM Toolbox

ROM Toolbox – a universal set of root tools for obtaining root rights. Paid and Lite Versions.

Note : If your phone is not compatible with this list, you need to spend a little time learning the ways of root-access on specialized Andirod forums. If you have any difficulties, ask a question through our forums. Look for a way that will work on a particular device – and proceed to rooting when you’re sure you’ve found a method of rutting that, according to reviews, worked for other users with this Android firmware and with the same smartphone or tablet. It’s worth spending some time studying the correct method of how to rip an android, otherwise you’ll turn your pipe into a brick and can not exchange under warranty!


How to prepare an Android device for root access. Check list

  • It is strongly recommended that you back up everything that’s important to you before you get root rights on your smartphone.
  • You should also always back up the current ROM before flashing a new one (or installing root on Android).
  • Make sure that the device is fully charged before you start the process of getting full access to Android.
  • Enable USB debugging: Settings> About phone> Developer settings>, and then check the box next to “USB debugging”.
  • Most of the root access Android methods require installing root programs on your computer.
  • You may also need to install an Android SDK or other software that will require instructions on obtaining root rights.

Unlocking the bootloader (bootloader) of the device Android

Before you get root rights, you will also need to unlock the bootloader. A bootloader (a bootloader) is a program that determines which Android applications and processes will work during the launch of your phone.

Unlocking the boot loader will allow you to configure the mobile device. Manufacturers have responded to the requirement for customization, and many of them provide methods, not just root routines that will help unlock the loader on the website, although these methods are generally intended for developers, and usually require a Account through your phone or smartphone.

Some manufacturers do not allow you to unlock the bootloader, but in this case you can find a way to bypass iy, for this you only need to look for a way for your smartphone.

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