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5 Things You Need before Start Android Rooting Process

5 Things you Need before Start Android Rooting Process

Welcome technology lovers to our new article which talks about Rooting Process for your Android Device.

Our article will be very simple with short sentences which can helps you to learn things you need about rooting process.

Rooting android

1- What is Rooting Process ?

Rooting Process convert you from normal user to superuser with all permissions to control your android system ( Linux kernel ).

2- Why you should root Android ?

  • Show hidden Features.
  • Install blocked apps from Google Play or from your mobile carrier.
  • Block apps ads.
  • Install Custom Android ROMs.
  • Overclocking and under-clocking.

3- Why you shouldn’t root Android ?

  • You will loose manufacturer warranty.
  • Some of apps not allow you to be installed on rooted devices.
  • High Risk to hacking by others.
  • You can’t install latest official updates.

4- What are Main Rooting keywords ?

  • Bootloader : Small code start before your Android system.
  • Recovery Mode : Small program Allows you to restore and backup your android OS.
  • ADB : Abbreviation to Android Debug Bridge which allows you to connect your android device to your Computer.
  • Android ROMs ­čÖüAndroid Read Only Memory)┬á is a official system image of android system with main apps.
  • Custom ROMs :┬á is a modified ROMs by any one.

5- How to Prepare your android phone to Rooting Process ?

This is most important thing You Need before Start Android Rooting Process

  • Backup your Android files : Use any third party software or manufacturer official tool or using google backup feature.
  • Battery level should be more than 70% which can prevent fail of rooting process.
  • Android Device Information : you should know all things about your Device such as model number, device name, Android version, kernel number and build number.
  • Install USB Drivers : Download drivers from official website of your manufacturer to make your connection between your Android device and PC correctly.
  • Read all Things about : How to Root you android Device, How to UnRoot your Android Device and focus.



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