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6 Best Free Photo Editor Software 2017

Within the Professional photo editing, Photoshop software is the most famous photography program and the most used. We know that the potential of this software of photos is infinite. But the program of Adobe is not the only choice there are many other choices with zero budget are consider Best alternatives to Photoshop Completely Free.

GIMP best photo editor and photoshop alternative

The best alternatives to Photoshop for Windows, Linux and Web-based

On this List we want to share all programs of photos we have found that can compete with Photoshop, or at least to approach their features.

1- Gimp for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, BSD, Unix and SkyOS

Gimp is very similar to Photoshop but completely free. There is also a good users community that provide tutorials, ideas and all kinds of help to learn to edit and modify photos in a relatively straightforward manner.

You can build your own images with tools for airbrushing and advanced users can design brushes and patterns to use them when you want. GIMP also allows users to manipulate images imported into the program. You can cut, add text, change the size, create nested layers and animate your creations.

2- Paint.NET for Windows

Paint.NET is an attractive graphic editor more powerful than the own Windows Paint, but not as complete as Photoshop. Then, if you need something intermediate and efficient, Paint.NET is what you are looking for.

Paint.Net has filters photo retouching of great quality, very similar to those of the app Retrica of Android. Although if Trow in lack any filter, simply download the plugin you need the official homepage. In addition to allow customization of the program, the application also stands out for its lightness, speed and stability.

This editor of images very well designed, offers a range surprisingly spacious of tools and options that only you would expect to find in the large suites graphics.

3- Pixlr for Web-Based, Android and iOS

Pixlr is a free program for editing and retouching of digital photographs. This application is very easy to use and will allow you to, without great expertise, remove red eye, adjust the colors and brightness, turn your photos to achieve mirror effect, crop a photo and apply simple color filters in order to give them a touch of author to images.

4- Krita for Linux

Krita is a program that you should not fail to take into your Windows if you love the drawing and illustrations, either in a personal or professional. Krita is one of the most complete editors you can have now.

In Krita, we are going to have a lot of tools for all our creations, as well as different views, filters, effects, etc. The best of Krita is that includes a wizard design by what you will see that you will not have to do all the operations and you are going to have an assistant in all your designs and projects.

5- CinePaint for Linux

Cinepaint, is one of the editors of images with specialized functions, and retouching photographs that exist within the universe Linux. This impressive editor, includes a large number of functions widely known within the genre of the image editors, among which we can highlight the following: airbrushes, gradients, lines, smudges, frames, cuts, text, shade, among other interesting functions.

6- Seashore for Mac

Seashore is a graph editor free open source based on the popular GIMP and native for Mac that allows you to work with all your images getting great results. This software has been created for cocoa and offers all the possible capabilities to their users on what to manipulation of images are concerned.

The software is able to use the original files of the GIMP, XCF, in addition to many other formats such as JPEG, PNG or TIFF. Account with all of the necessary tools, similar to those embodied by the GIMP, as color palettes, modifications and gradients of tones, saturations, brushes, antialiasing, work by layers, alpha channel…


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