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Best Google Chrome Ad Blocking Extensions 2018

Ad Blocker Extensions help you to prevent the annoying ads from appearing while your are browsing websites such as Facebook and YouTube, also Google Chrome have thousands of extensions and apps such as remote desktop app, so for that we decided to make a list of Best Google Chrome Ad Blocking Extensions.

Best Google Chrome Ad Blocking Extensions

When you trying to select an ad blocking extension you should take a look to the users reviews because some of these ad blocking extensions lack of some functions and can’t block all types of ads such as popups and some types of banners ads.

You can also check our best chrome extensions for 2018 with more than 50 items.

Let’s get started Best Google Chrome Ad Blocking Extensions here as a list

Best Google Chrome Ad Blocking Extensions for 2018

1- AdBlock

AdBlock extension is most downloaded ad blocking extension in google chrome store with over than 200 million downloads, this extension work automatically and blocks most types of annoying ads and you can make a white list for specific websites to disable adblock on them.


2- Adblock Plus

With over one hundred million installs Adblock Plus consider as best ad blocking extension and some websites such as CNET,  Gizmodo and Mashable.com recommended to use Adblock Plus.


3- SuperBlock Adblocker

The first five stars ad blocker extension in chrome store, this tool prevent ads using an amazing technology which make your browsing very fast by removing tracking code and changing the default settings.


4- AdRemover for Google Chrome™

This extension works on all websites such as Facebook, YouTube and Hulu and like other extensions you can make a white list for certain websites to disable AdRemover on them.


5- uBlock Adblock Plus

uBlock Adblock Plus is the oldest ad blocker extension in Chrome store, works to disable advertisements on websites. It’s also take a small size of your computer resources and remove tracking and added some filters.

this extension have some features and options like Fanboys Enhanced Tracking List, Dan Pollocks hosts file, hpHostss Ad and tracking servers, MVPS HOSTS, Spam404 and many others.


6- Adblock Pro

Very fast ad blocking extension and can do these functions blocks all ads on all websites, blocks youtube video and protect your device from Malware and Tracking.


7- Adguard AdBlocker

Works against all types of ads and pop-ups, Blocks ads on Facebook, Youtube and all other websites.with this extension you can stay away from advertisments on All types of media such as videos and rich media.

Adguard AdBlocker will make your browsing is clean and fast without any privacy tracking.


8- Fair AdBlocker (by STANDS)

Fair AdBlocker helps to block unwanted ads, popups, tracking and malware (even on Facebook & Youtube), speed up your browsing and protect your privacy.


Other Best Chrome Ad blockers Extensions for 2018



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