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50 Best Google Chrome Extensions of 2018

Google Chrome as web browsers is the most popular browser among other browsers around the world, this browser competes with other browsers such as Firefox and Internet Explorer from Microsoft so the programmers focus on this web browsers to make their extensions and this article we will list Best Google Chrome Extensions.

Best Google Chrome Extensions

In the previous article we talked about  Best Google Chrome Ad Blocking Extensions  but in this article we will talking generally about main Best Google Chrome Extensions.

Best Google Chrome Extensions of 2018`

Best Google Chrome Extensions for Accessibility :

1- Dark Reader

If you have any problem with your eyes while you are using and browsing the websites, use this useful extension which can invert color of your chrome using special smart way to transform bright blinding stuff into eye relaxing.


Add-On User Review: by Abhay Bhatt

Believe me, this is the best! I have used other dark theme extensions like ‘High Contrast’, but with all, there was the same problem:- that they inverted images and videos as well. Well..this doesn’t! So far, I’ve tested Imdb, Wikipedia, Twitter and Youtube – the sites I visit most often. And with those websites, this extension works great, it doesn’t invert images or videos, and so there is no need to install separate extension for that.
Also, I have observed that when using ‘High Contrast’ – another extension for this purpose, the screen annoyingly turns white for a short while any webpage loads, and turns dark when loaded. This problem also doesn’t happen with this extension.


2- Speed Dial [FVD]

Create your own Dials with 3D view and arrange photos, sync, bookmark organization, groups, and most-visited.

Add-On User Review: by Abhay Bhatt

love this little extension not fond of the having to use the back up extension but i’ve made my piece with that and am happy with it as it is the speed dials work like a charm and when i had a issue i actually got help with it from an actual person they helped me fix the issue and my dial work fine again i hope they keep amking this better and keep this alive keeps things nice and neat


3- friGate Light

Accelerate browsing websites, blocking ads and encrypts the traffic, also this extension Supports TOR (.onion) sites and EmerDNS.

Add-On User Review: by Madison Alexander

my computer BLOCKS EVERYTHING!!!!, and it even blocks this app, but i gave it 5 stars because my other friends use it and they say it’s pretty good but i am very sad that an app that unblocks the blocked is BLOCKED!!!


4- Adult Blocker

As Parental Control this extension can block access to all porn sites (adult content, pornography) by analysis of the content of the page and filter the page to load safely content to your kids.

Add-On User Review: by Muhammad Rafi

thx for helping our children from unusualy content…


5- AlphaText – Make text readable!

Sometimes when you browsing websites you may not be able to read text because of the font type  is used or the size of the font, this extension allows you to customize any web page’s colors, fonts and style to improve readability of websites’s texts.

Add-On User Review: by Kelly Zhou

This is an amazing extension! This definitely helps when I’m reading websites with hard-to-read/annoying fonts.


6- Tab Resize – split screen layouts

Previously we explains how to open two tabs at the same time on android but in this extension you can split the screen and resize tabs as you want.See the video here.

Add-On User Review: by Tom Davidson

Awesome, thoughtful design that doesn’t add any complex new UI (like with multiple web views under 1 tab.) Took me a minute to understand that it populates the new windows with the tabs to the *right* of the current one. The demo should perhaps explain how you can reorder your tabs before resizing to get a particular effect.


7- Justify

Justify lets you  quickly and easily justify all content on any webpage, all you need just click Justify icon or use keyboard shortcuts.

Add-On User Review: by Kevin Mulligan

It works well when I click the icon. But the Ctrl + Shift + J brings up the console in Chrome. Which might be something I enabled as a developer but it would be nice to be able to change the shortcut.


8- Atavi – bookmark manager

Atavi is a free service helping you to save and sync bookmarks, you can access your bookmarks at any time and from any device ( Smartphone, Laptop, Desktop PC )   on any OS ( Windows, iOS and Linux ).

Add-On User Review: by Kimberly Sheffield

I love it, it works awesome for me. I especially like to have all of the little thumbnail pics of all of my favorites & frequents on my home page when I open Google. I use it in conjunction with ‘LastPass’ to save my log-ins and browsing has become a breeze. Thanks!!


Best Chrome Extensions :: News & Weather ::

9- NewsBot

Find more amazing articles like your read, Easily way to read related article from best internet resources using intelligence technologies, NewsBot recommended BBC, Product hunt and Netted.

Add-On User Review: by Bowe Frankema

Extremely useful for quickly finding related content. I use it mostly for content discovery and as a tool to share articles on social media.


10- YoWindow Free Weather

YoWindow Free Weather made the weather follow-up interesting by showing you Living weather picture – real cloud coverage, rain/snow, fog, grass swings to the wind, Sun, Moon, mist, thunderstorms.

Add-On User Review: by Alex K.

Very cool animations. I like how you can change the landscape and that you can (sometimes) interact with the things on the landscape. Also, the weather is very accurate and always warns me of storms or rain.


11- RSS Feed Reader

An amazing extension offered by feeder.co which allows you to follows latest news from your favorite websites, just simple clicks and you can get the news in your Google chrome browser.

Add-On User Review: jkl542

Great extension except I am allowed only seven feeds. I can’t seem to add more than seven feeds. If I could I’d give Feed Reader five stars.


12- Currently

Currently helps you to change the default page of your “New Tab” with current time and weather you set previously.

Add-On User Review: Seth Goldenberg

Great extension. My settings are constantly resetting my temperature preference from Fahrenheit back to Celsius. I know I should get in tune to how the rest of the world measures things, but I’d prefer Currently not to force my hand.


Best Google Chrome Extensions :: Photos ::

13- FireShot – Take Webpage Screenshots Entirely

FireShot allows you to take a full photo for any webpage in the internet and you can save them on PDF/JPEG/GIF/PNG files to Share, Upload and print.

Add-On User Review: Xavier Tooke

Super in every way. Easy to use. Does what it says it will do. Highly recommended.


14- Earth View from Google Earth

This extension replace your “New Tab” with random earth view photos from over 1500 views using google earth.

Add-On User Review: K. Miles

I enjoy seeing new parts of the world everytime I open a new tab. Some photos are so wonderful that I wouldnt have any idea where it might be without looking.


15- PicMonkey Extension

Now you can grab any image from any website and edit it using this extension which depend on PicMonkey online photo editor.

Add-On User Review: timoteo ybarra

Overall, the best photo editor I use. The combination of possible effects puts everything else to shame, except maybe for the most tech savvy who use way more complicated programs.Ridiculously easy to use. The upgrade is minimal cost-less than a program like PhotoExplosion will cost to buy and superior. LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT


Best Google Chrome Extensions :: Productivity ::

16- Office Online

With this one no need to install office on your system, just install this extension which offered by Microsoft company then you can view, edit, and create Office files in your browser.

Add-On User Review: Mike Farley

Excellent extension – simple and useful. Speeds up access to Office Online apps, and to files on OneDrive, all in one small icon. Brilliant!


17- LastPass: Free Password Manager

With more than 20,000 reviews this extension consider as best password manager program and allows you to saves your passwords and gives you secure access from every computer and mobile device.

Add-On User Review: Mikey Strikey

I cannot fault Lastpass… I am lost without it. I have it on all computers, phones and ipads. It goes everywhere with me and saves me a lot of time and worry. I have had none of the other issues I see listed here. Its safe and for 10 years now never let me down and never had security breached. However I do use a very long password and suggest all do so. Mine is 26 characters letters and numbers.


18- Momentum

Momentum is a clever extension aims to inspiring you to more productivity life, Momentum replace your “New Tab” with customizable dashboard with a lot of features such as to do list, Weather, Daily Goal, and more.

Add-On User Review: David Euwings

Great app and inspiring quotes daily, with breathtaking pictures! I love the Wunderlist integration, I just don’t like the idea of paying monthly for it. I’d pay a one time fee for a lifetime license, but I’m not interested in another monthly subscription to something.


19- Speedtest by Ookla

With Speedtest Extension you can test and check your internet speed also you can measure any website speed using this add-on.

Add-On User Review: Angeline Apostol Mejonda

this works fine to me as google chrome extention. even as a tech support we were using this speedtest at work and its very much accurate. sppedtest.net is the best


20- uBlock Origin

uBlock Origin lets you to block all ads on all webpages using intelligence technologies which lead to accelerate your web browsing experience.

Add-On User Review: Van Sanity

Literally the best ad blocker I have used. I tried a few, Got a new PC and didn’t even bother with an ad blocker because sometimes they just didn’t do anything. But this one is amazing blocks nearly if not all ads I have ran into 😀 Thanks for this! If you need a ad blocker download this!


21- AfterShip

Great extension which can help you to track all of your shipments and will notify you with latest delivery updates, this extension supports +350 couriers, including FedEx, UPS, USPS.

Add-On User Review: Ranaysa Malcolm

This is one of the best apps, I’ve used for tracking shipments in a long time.


22- Ghostery

Ghostery gives you the ability to know who tracking your activity on the web, also helps you to make your web browsing more faster, safety and clean.

Add-On User Review: STU-Jacob Farwell

Ghostery has been consistently amazing for me, across multiple devices and browsers (Chrome and Firefox). If nothing else, install it just to block advertisements, it does a masterful job of blocking them.


23- ClipTo | Notes, Highlights and Bookmarks

Clip highlight texts and notes to any web page. the highlighted notes will be kept safe each time you come back to a page.

Add-On User Review: Rachel Kaspir

Perfectly works as it should. Just the one I was looking for my research. Even saves backup of all your highlights.


24- Screencastify (Screen Video Recorder)

Screencastify is the easiest way to Record, Edit and Share video screen captures when you record them from any website you visit. Record a specific tab, or your whole desktop at the click of a button. And your whole experience is synced with your G-Suite.

Add-On User Review: Ottilie Wiseman-Field

Scrrencastify is amazing for a chromebook! i love it and i dont mind the logo bc when i upload to youtube i cut of the logo.. also if i get to the recording limit i just say bye and make a part two! its amazing! i love it.. 🙂


25- Stylish – Custom themes for any website

Customize any website’s pages to your favorite color scheme in one click, a huge amount of user’s styles with amazing themes, skins & free backgrounds.

Add-On User Review: Caroline w

Love, Love, Love Stylish. It’s great that people care enough to upload user scripts making many websites soooo much better. I noticed the new ‘look’ – and another reviewer said there are new developers. Well hopefully they will listen to the feedback.


26- Click&Clean

Click&Clean is a powerful solution helps you to delete your web browsing history, scan your device from malware files, erase unwanted files ( temporary files and cookies ) and more.

Add-On User Review: Emma Whiteberg

WORKS BETTER THAN ANY OTHER! Very easy to use and makes my Chrome on Mac so much warmer to use. Thanks for the simple and easy to use “lette” and thank god its free. I don’t know these other users did, but it could not have been easier. Top, essential Cleaner for Chrome – just Click & Clean!


27- Unlimited Free VPN – Hola

Hola is a free and secure VPN service allows you to Access websites blocked in your country, company or school, this extension also available on android devices.

Add-On User Review: Dall

I love this! It allowed me watch Eurovision here in the United States! (Even though it sucks that they blocked it from watching it in non-participating countries.) It worked perfectly, and I’m glad that there’s no limit!


28- OneTab

If you open many tabs and you can’t handle it, the solution is OneTab which helps you to convert all tabs to a list with a single click, this extension can save up 95% from you device memory.

Add-On User Review: Zan Black

This is absolutely fantastic! I always multi-task and end up with so many tabs open that they’re small and I can’t tell what they are. I have to click on them to see the page, and it can be easily closed when I click. I just put all of my tabs in One Tab and saw how amazing it was! I just love it!


29- Todoist: To-Do list and Task Manager

Todoist is the best to-do list manager, you can get organize with filter, tags, colors and subtasks, also you can sync and backup all of your to-do lists.

Add-On User Review: Will Lykins

Works well, I really like the integration with Gmail. Would like shortcut that works from address bar so that you don’t need to click the extension (Sort of like Gtasks used to have)


30- SharePad – A Simple Notepad

SharePad helps you to  save your notes locally on device using your web browser then send them to your Google account, meaning you can access them at any time on any device with just the click of a button or a press of a key!

Add-On User Review: Sophie Crewe

Clever little ‘web-extension’ for students! Would completely recommend to anyone who isn’t a wiz at computers and for those who are, incredibly easy to use.


31- Be Limitless

Limitless turns the “New Tab” into an amazing dashboard like Momentumt and this will helps you to easily identify where your time is spent and gives productivity suggestions. The dashboard also includes a clever notepad and To-Do list feature.

Add-On User Review: Jen Johnson

it is quick to load and does not waste my time with a bunch of crap i dont want, and today i was feeling sad and the words we love you jen johnson was across the screen and no donation request to follow either! got to love that!


32- Zotero Connector

This extension follow your content you read online allows you to save it to Zotero website with a one click. Zotero has you covered with support for thousands of sites.

Add-On User Review: Mady Martin

OMG. Lifesaver throughout my 4 years at college. I never had to use Purdue Owl. Zotero did everything for me! Wish there was a barcode scan feature or a “look up book/article” feature.


33- GistNote Highlighter – PDF & Web

GistNote is a highlight tool for researches allows you to organize highlighted texts into collections and auto synced to cloud.

Add-On User Review: Emily Pissinatti

This is such a good extension and the fact that the team behind it listens to the users’ ideas and complaints is such a refreshing and good feeling. I’ve been using it for over a month and it has improved my productivity at an incredible rate. I’ve read a couple of the other reviews on here and the couple of features that could work amazing with this extension would be allowing ctrl+z to delete a note that was wrongly highlighted and highlighting PDF files online. Other than that, this is a A+ extension. Good job!


34- iorad – the tutorial builder

iorad is tutorial builder extension allows you guided step-by-step directions for any web app using your chrome browser.

Add-On User Review: Lizabeth Hoppe

Simple, quick and straightforward tutorial builder– easy to create and easy to follow. Iorad saves me so much time and results in a professional looking product. Highly recommend!


35- Wikiwand: Wikipedia Modernized

Wikiwand is an user interface that shows Wikipedia’s contents and images in a modern and beautiful way.

Add-On User Review: Gijs van Sprundel

This is amazing. At first glance I was disoriented, could this really be wikipedia. At second glance I loved it. It all makes sense. Beautiful sense


36- Exactly: English Dictionary and Learning

Exactly helps you to save any English word after showing its meanings, all you need is a double click on wanted word to see its meanings then add it to your list.

Add-On User Review: Lorrence Jakobren

I love this app, using it on facebook. English is my second language and Exactly helps me with it.


37- Linkclump

Linkclump allows you to open or bookmark multiple links at the same time by drag a selection box around the links.

Add-On User Review: Eddy Adriaenssens

Great extension, been looking for a way to always open links in new tab after Chrome Toolbox became unavailable. Other extensions that claim doing this don’t work.


38- ImTranslator: Translator, Dictionary, TTS

ImTranslator is a multi functional online translator by selecting text, words , phrases and webpages between 100 languages using best free translator services Bing and Google.

Add-On User Review: Cody Wohlers

Awesome. Was looking for a translator that replaces the text in the page and found this. Does that plus so much more. Good job!


39- Kami – PDF and Document Markup

Kami is the best PDF App helps you to manage your online pdf files.using its tools, you can annotate, markup, and collaborate on your PDF, document, or image files.

Add-On User Review: Ted Stearns

Before trying Kami and downloaded PDF Filler…if you ever want to waste an hour of your life that you’ll never get back, give it a try. Then I tried Kami – brilliant! User friendly, free. Did I mention free. I used it to redact items on the PDF; worked perfectly. Highly recommend.


40- DocuSign – Electronic Signature for Gmail

DocuSign is a free tool allows you to add your signature to PDF email attachments and docs for signature directly from Gmail and Drive using Chrome browser.

Add-On User Review: Elizabeth Thompson

awesome and i am amazed it is so easy. Wish I could afford this beause it is the easiest online thing I have ever learned. Thank you so much!!!


41- Web Boost – Wait Less, Browse Faster!

Web Boost extension is a clever caching tool helps you to brows online websites with faster way by blocking unwanted stuff such as ads and trackers.

Add-On User Review: Sazzad Hossain Khan

I am an date input person of real estate company. I have to rely on page load speed. After installed this software, i have seen some different rate of loading of pages. Which page taken 40s to 50s now, it takes only 25s to fully loaded and workable. Thanks to Web boost.


42- Web Scraper

Web Scraper is a free tool helping to to get data extractions from webpages, you can Scrape multiple pages and dynamic pages (JavaScript+AJAX) then the data will be stored in local storage or in CouchDB finally you can Browse scraped data or export them as CSV files.

Add-On User Review: James Bowden

Takes a little bit of getting used to – but once you’ve played around with it for a while you realise this is an extremely powerful tool. And what’s more, it’s free! Many thanks to the developer(s) for taking the time to create this useful tool.


43- Wave

Wave is a realtime coediting extension works with Gmail, WordPress, Evernote and Wikipedia, using push of a button, Wave will make co-editing for emails, blogs and notes, so you can make a connection with your team at the same time like Google Docs and there is no need to leaving your app.

Add-On User Review: Jayren Teo

Great Extension! Exactly what I need for collaborative work.


44- Explain and Send Screenshots

With this extension you can capture a video of your screen from any webpage and write text or arrows and share it.

Add-On User Review: Jennifer Cimini

Perfect! It has all the features needed to make this the most user-friendly extension for personal and professional use! Thank you!


45- Tabs Outliner

Best tabs manager extension lets you to organize your too many tabs as a tree , this helps you to handle with your tabs and leads to decrease your system memory.

Add-On User Review: Leopold Paradocsical

A very good tab organiser enabling view whilst closing them, to keep browser light. I took to using it immediately, and now use it instead of bookmarks pretty much, so long your url bar brings them up. Well worth purchasing, and even if support can be slow, problems were always sorted out for me. I hope it gets funding to improve further, and ideally incorporate itself and open source extension for Firefox too.


46- Honey

Honey can search automatically for latest working coupons codes when you shopping online and during checkout process.

Add-On User Review: Barbara Taylor

This is a great resource for online discounts! I love it – use it often and recommend it to my friends. Great for free shipping options, which make a BIG difference to thrifty ME!


47- Audio only YouTube

Audio only YouTube allows you to listen to your youtube songs, and you can disable and enable it with simple click.

Add-On User Review: gerryson mehta

it works great this was the thing i was looking for its the best man great work keep this up !!!


48- Toby: manage your tabs

Toby helps replace your old “New Tab” with any inventory tab and helps you organize your work right in the web browser.

Add-On User Review: John Ryan Seaman

The extension and the team are great! Love Toby. IT has helped my sales team built live demos that we can store and pull up at the drop of a hat. Amazing time saver.


49- Extensity

Extensity lets you to enable and disable any google chrome extension simple directly using extensity icon.

Add-On User Review: Carrie Henry

Extensity allows me to quickly see what extensions are enabled. I can access extensions and apps with one click!


50- Invoice Quick

With over 150,000 users, Invoice Quick allows you to create unlimited free invoice templates without registration.

Add-On User Review: Sean Monts

This is my first and my last online invoice maker. This is just PERFECT for the size of my small business, and I believe that with what i has to offer it will be adequate as we work toward a 5mil year. Thanks Invoice Quick.


Summary for Best Google Chrome Extensions

Here we end with our list of 50 Best Google Chrome Extensions for your chrome browser. Each of the above listed extensions offers some of the best handy solution for internet browsing users.

Do let us know of any extension that you use or feel should be included in our list of best Google chrome extensions and we will add it to our list so don’t worry just add a comment with your favorite extension and we will add it here.




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