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How to Fix Face Detection not working in Galaxy S8 and S8+ ?

Last update for Samsung galaxy S8 and S8+ have a lot of problems such as Bixby button is not working and fingerprint scanner not sensing finger, but last week a new problem appeared and was the Face Detection not working at all times and otherwise, it says “No Face Detected” .

Samsung Galaxy S8 Face Detection

Image from Wccftech

At this Tip we will talking about how to solve face recognition not working problem which appeared since the new update.

Fix Face Detection not working in Galaxy S8 and S8+ ?

Step One : Make all Apps up to date.

This step is very important you need to update your phone’s apps to latest editions all you need is going to Google Play and tap on My Apps then update all apps.

Step Two : Clear phone cache.

Here you can get rid of apps crashes and make your phone runs faster, you can clear phone cache using this tip here.

Step Three : Restart your phone in Safe mode

This step may identifies the cause of the problem, Certain third-party apps could make the phone act erratically and cause problem.

You can Boot into Safe Mode from here.

Step Four : Downgrade your Phone Firmware.

As we said before the problem appeared after last Samsung update, so you should downgrade your phone’s firmware to previous one or wait until Samsung release a new update.




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