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How do you Make a Round Shape Icons on Any Android Nougat

How to Activate Pixel Launcher Round Icon on Any Android Devices

Default launcher that’s provided by Android NOUGAT doesn’t enable Round Shape Icons, so in this Tutorial will help you to enable round icons on your rooted android device by change framework-res.apk which provided by OEM.

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Enable Pixel Launcher Round Icon android

Prerequisites :

  1. It is recommended to backup the default framework.res-apk first.
  2. Your Android version should be 7.1.1 or above Nougat.
  3. Your Android mobile should be rooted.

Tools that you Need to Enable round icons on your rooted android:

  • Download The Java Development Kit ( JDK ) from here.
  • A tool for reverse engineering Android apk files, Download it from here.
  • Any Root Explorer app.
  • Any Text Editor.

How to Enable Pixel Launcher Round Icon on Any Android Devices:

  1. Get firmware-res.apk file by going to RootSystemframework and Copy firmware-res.apk to the same folder with Apktool.jar.
  2. Open CMD on your windows and TYPE the following command line :
    java -jar apktool.jar d framework-res.apk
  3. Using Any Text Editor go to framework-resresvaluesbools.xml and open bools.xml and search for the following line :
    and replace it with
  4. Again go to CMD on Windows and Compile framework-res.apk file with the following command line :java -jar apktool.jar b framework-res -c
  5. Copy your new compiled firmware-res.apk from location framework-resdist to your Android Device to this location RootSystemframework.
  6. Clear the pixel launcher data by going to App Info -> Storage -> Clear Data.


Note: Tested on :

  1. LG E975 Nitrogen OS 7.1.1
  2. Redmi 2 LineageOS Nightly 7.1.1
  3. HTC One M8 LineageOS 14.1
  4. OP3 lineageos 14.1

Source XDA


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