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How to Make a Phone Charger with 1.5V AA Batteries [ Power Bank ]

What if you happen to be in a place that doesn’t have electric power, like in the middle of camping in the mountains? It’s not uncommon for people to lose themselves and not be able to use the GPS, especially because the smartphone may have been running out of battery.

Phone Charger

To avoid these problems, you can make a power bank or portable charger  and powered by 1.5 volt batteries. You must have only a bit of knowledge and some of simple components. Follow the instructions and see that the process is not as complicated as it seems.

The Necessary Electronic Components

  • 4 1.5 V AA Batteries.
  • Batter case from old toy car.
  • USB charging cable.

Just take this list to any electronics store to get it all easily. In addition to these items, we also use a plastic container that will serve as a carcass for our charger. You can choose the one you find most convenient.



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