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How to Password Protect USB Flash Drive to protect your data with encryption free

If you have sensitive files and afraid from others then you should learn how to make a Password Protect USB Flash Drive.

Note : This tutorial  can be used on Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 without any problem

It often happens to have a set of documents or pictures that you want to protect and you don’t want to put them on cloud hosting, then the best solution to be protected keep them on a USB stick or external hard drive and we don’t prefer to keep them in phones because if broke your phone then you need to work hard to retrieve your personal files from a broken smartphone.

So to increase security on your personal data it is best to put a password on USB Stick or USB Drive.

How to Password Protect USB Flash Drive ?

There are many solutions that can protect your data on a USB stick. Bitlocker included in recent versions of Windows which can be used successfully in a wide variety of situations, although they may have difficulty in using that stick on any PC with any other version of Windows.

For this tutorial we used Rohos Mini Drive. you can download this tool from here for free which allows you to make encrypted partition on USB Flash for Maximum 8 GB.

Just follow these steps to do that :

1- Download from above link then install Rohos Mini Drive as usual.

2- After that Plug your USB Flash Drive to your Computer or Laptop then run Rohos Mini Drive.

3- Click on Encrypt USB drive which helps to create protected partition on your USB flash drive.

password protect usb flash drive


  • Then Rohos Mini Drive will automatically detects your USB flash drive.
  • You can change detected partition size by clicking on Change.
  • Also you can use your Hard Drive if you want to protect up to 2 GB on your Computer.

Rohos Mini Drive

4- Input your Password twice Then click on Create disk it will take less than a minute.

5- Then a windows will appear telling you encryption process has been successfully.

encryption process

6- Finally a new partition will appeared on your “My Computer” and you can access your data from it.

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How to work with protected partition on USB flash drive ?

No need to install Rohos Mini Drive on any other PC just Plug your USB Flash Drive to the Computer and open Rohos Mini [ Yellow icon ] then enter your password.

Now your new Encrypted partition  is accessible in My Computer.

How to delete encrypted partition ?

  • Insert USB flash drive with encrypted partition.
  • Connect your hidden Rohos disk.
  • From main window Rohos Mini click on Toolsin the submenu choose Delete option.

Rohos Mini

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How to delete all Rohos files from you USB flash drive ?

  1. Do the previous Step [ delete encrypted partition ].
  2. Open Encrypt USB flash drive menu
  3. Press Delete button and confirm.
  4. Now all Rohos files are deleted from your USB flash drive

delete all Rohos files


That was all things related to Password Protect USB Flash Drive and We hope that if you find this article interesting, share it with your social profiles




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