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How to Transfer and Share files from Android phone to PC through launcher or browser

Microsoft has released a new version of the Arrow launcher. It has the option of sending files and clipboard contents to your computer through the OneDrive cloud storage.
Arrow Launcher

How to Transfer and Share files from Android phone to PC without USB Cable using WiFi directly

This method helps you to transfer files from you Android smartphone to your computer and it differs from remote access desktop.

1- Make sure that you have the OneDrive app installed and running on your computer. It is integrated in Windows 10 by default.
2- Install the Arrow Launcher on the smartphone.
3- Open its settings, and then enter the same Microsoft account that you use on your computer.
4- Return to the launcher home page and swap to the right. In the cards, locate the arrow hub, and tap + Send.
5- The content type browser opens: Image, video, document (file with any extension), or clipboard. You can select a file from a local store or cloud (Google drive and Dropbox ).
6- The uploaded file is added to a special folder in OneDrive and copied to your computer, and if you select the Clipboard, its contents are synchronized between the devices.
Rumor is that Microsoft will soon release a special utility to synchronize files and clipboard contents between the smartphone and the computer. it will work with any launcher, not just the arrow.

How to share files between Android phone and PC using web browser ?

Microsoft launched the Arrowlauncher.com Web service, which is designed to share files between devices. It works in browsers on all operating systems.

 To send a file, you must go to the site, click +, and in Standard Explorer, choose what you want to forward to another device.
The added files will be available to you from any device through the browser where you are signed in to the Microsoft account. Note that this service is running in a test mode and can fail.

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